Unlike Fair Isle, it seems complicated and unwieldy, Mosaic Knitting is deceptively easy to work, simply slip stitches as if to purl from the left needle onto the right needle without working them.

If you can knit stripes and slip a stitch, you have all the skills you need. Below are 12 favorite mosaic patterns from www.mosaicknitting.com that you can use for any project to get you started. Beautiful, and very eye-catching!

Happy knitting!
(Click on the image to see the written instructions)

 Maze Mosaic knitting stitch

 checker square garter knit stitch

 two-color jacquards knit stitch

Pin Box mosaic knit stitch

 staircase mosaic stitch

 windowpane square two-color knitting

 Swiss Check Mosaic knit stitch

 multi-color tweed slip-stitch knitting

 north star 3-color knitting